A Professional & Personal Service

AMK is a pleasure to work with in every possible way. They are completely professional, reliable, and extraordinarily well organized. Barbara and Huw understand how to run a service, and I cannot imagine being in better hands than theirs.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, New York

AMK is a small family owned business which was established in 1967. Huw and Barbara Williams are professionals with a solid track record in a wide range of executive capacities, spanning from Fairs to Road Transport and Container Business worldwide. In recent years the emphasis has been on providing an all-round service for companies who regularly attend Book Exhibitions in Frankfurt, Bologna and London. Huw and Barbara have invaluable first hand knowledge of organising everything you need to attend an exhibition.  From booking your stand, to sorting your lighting, furniture, and carpet, as well as transporting your exhibit, and being at the exhibition in person to ensure a smooth and easy time for you.